New Seed Varieties for a Superior 2017 Garden

1/10/2017 - 5:08:25 PM

Every year brings exciting changes, especially with regards to seeds!  We have added 13 new varieties to our lineup and they are sure to not disappoint. 

 Rutgers 250 Tomato. This heirloom variety was developed by Rutgers University to bring back that old-time Jersey Tomato flavor. 

 Fireball F1 Hybrid Radish.
Fireball has great yields with excellent dark red roots.

 Hijinks F1 Pumpkin.
This All-American Selections Award Winner is part of the P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection. Hijinks   produces a perfectly shaped 7-9 pound pumpkin with a long, dark green handle.

 Tivoli F1 Spaghetti Squash.
This All-American Selections Award Winner is part of the P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection. Tivoli is the first bush-type spaghetti squash.

 Jarrahdale Pumpkin.
 This heirloom variety is a unique, blue-skinned squash, which is great for eating and decorating.

 Pick a Bushel F1 Cucumber.
This All-American Selections Regional Winner is a gherkin-type cucumber on a compact, bush-type plant.

 Suyo Long Cucumber.
This heirloom variety is an Asian-style burpless cucumber with long, thin fruit.

 Kuroda Carrot.
This heirloom variety is a great tasting carrot that produces well in a wide variety of soil types.

 Rainbow Blend Carrot.
This heirloom variety is a blend of orange, purple, red, yellow and white carrots.

 Evening Sun Sunflower.
This heirloom variety has large flowers of yellow, red and bronze colors.

 Winter Giant Spinach.
This cold hardy heirloom variety has slightly savoyed leaves.

 The Joker Sunflower.
This pollen free variety is a semi-double form with two-tone flowers of mahogany and golden yellow.

 Eden White Sweet Corn.
This supersweet variety was the best tasting corn in our 2016 summer trials. 

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