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Wall O Water | Tomato Teepees
This amazing product allows you to plant your tomatoes, peppers, and many other plants 2 or more months early, and keep things like herbs and spices growing late into the fall. We even keep things like Rosemary growing all Winter! It protects your plants from frost, even down to temperatures as low as 10 degrees. It will protect from cold winds, and even heavy snow and hail. Your plants will love you. By using the special physical properties of water, the Wallo'Water will provide over 900,000 calories of heat each night. The plant will have a warm summer-like growing environment during the early spring when it is normally too cold for a plant to survive let alone grow and thrive. The plant will not only be protected from frost, but even more importantly, it will be growing and thriving in the warm environment inside the Wallo'Water. Season extenders without water merely trap some of the daytime heat with a solid material surrounding the plant. The Wallo'Water does this too, but it also provides plenty of extra heat at night to protect the plant to as low and 10 degrees F. and to allow for growth when the temperature outside is below freezing. This heat is provided by the water freezing